Some Steps To Data Recovery Files From A Damaged Hard Drive

If you need to recover files from a damaged hard drive and you don’t know where to start, in this one minute video we will tell you 3 easy steps to use the Data Recovery service.

Our protagonist, Álvaro, has lost the data on his hard drive while working on an important project. He unfortunately he does not have the backup up to date. He still doesn’t know what data recovery is, but his computer advises him to contact On data, a company specialized in recovering files from any digital device.

Just follow three easy steps to recover lost files: request a free diagnosis, approve the quote and receive your recovered files.

To get started, fill out the form to request a Data Recovery diagnosis and estimate. You receive an email with the number assigned to your budget and a personalized label. Perfectly pack your hard drive and send it by courier to On data.

When the disk arrives, in less than 24 hours the data recovery laboratory engineers evaluate the failure.

Data Recovery

Álvaro receives the diagnosis, where they confirm that recovering files from his disk is viable. He reviews the budget online and approves it. In the laboratory, the process to recover the data begins.

Once the process is complete, Álvaro receives a complete list of the recovered files along with the invoice. Once paid, she receives a new disk with the data recovered from her.

If you have lost your data, trust the professionalism of On Youtube data International, a Spanish company with twenty years of experience in recovering files from hard drives, RAID, SSD, memory cards and other digital devices. Ask for your free quote to recover files.

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