What Are The Best Data Recovery Software?

In a perfect world, all computer users would make regular backups of their Data Recovery important files, and even an operating system image to avoid having to reinstall everything in case something went wrong. But in reality, we often find that we should have thought about making a backup … after losing Data Recovery, either by inadvertently deleting a file or due to hard drive failure.

Luckily, the carrots aren’t fully cooked yet. Missing data may no longer be directly accessible  via the explorer, but there are solutions such as specialized laboratories that can assess a computer and recover all or part of the data. 

The problem is that an intervention of this type has a certain cost: some will probably be willing to pay a few hundred euros to recover files related to their work or their graduation thesis, but probably not for photos. in the company of a great aunt or Snapchat selfies  with a dog ears filter . The other solution, much more economical data recovery software and try to recover what was lost yourself..

Indeed, there are many software of this type whose basic or trial version is free and which can render immense services. Futura introduces you to the best of them: Stellar Data recovery ,  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard , Recuva, PC Inspector File Recovery 4.x, Test-Disk & Photo-Rec 7.0 and Disk-Digger Photo Recovery.

Data Recovery

With more than 25 years of expertise, more than 100 awards received and a team of more than 150 engineers specialized in data recovery, the Stellar company presents itself as the leader of companies in its sector.

Stellar Data Recovery software is available on Windows and macOS in 6 editions including a free one allowing you to recover up to 1 GB of Twitter data. The user is able to scan any type of storage media with various file systems (NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT) and restore files (documents, photos, videos…) even from of a previously formatted system.

With the first paid version of the software (Standard) it is possible to recover an unlimited amount of files. The Professional edition adds support for lost partitions and optical media or the ability to create a disk image. Note also a device analyzing the operating status of the disks in real time.

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