Data Recovery : How To Enables Data Protector

Disk-based instant Data recovery Protector enables the recovery of terabytes of data in minutes instead of hours. In some cases, recovery can be accomplished without any movement of data. Instant recovery offers more continuous protection, allowing finer granularity of disk recovery images. Scheduling, replication and recycling of multiple recovery images are fully automated to optimize the utilization of storage capacity. Instant recovery delivers widespread value. It helps you:

  • Reduce the cost of downtime
  • Meet application service levels premium service levels can be achieved by eliminating lengthy downtime
  • Increase operational efficiencies

increases staff efficiency allowing service-driven management Automation and centralized, simplified management increase resource productivity. Storage Data Recovery Protector enables:

  • Installation and upgrade through automatic software distribution
  • Automated library and media handling
  • Automated health checks
  • Automated event notification
  • Unified scheduling of disk and tape
  • Centralized backup management functions of distributed sites
  • A consistent look and feel across different operating systems
  • Ease of deployment and use
  • A single license key
  • Wizards and templates Storage Data Protector allows you to define, manage and measure data protection services as a component of the integrated IT services
Data Recovery

Managing data protection from a business perspective with graphical views Service Navigator automatically generates easy-to-understand data protection tree-structured service views. It has the ability to display interdependencies between managed elements in a complex environment, making it easier to assess the business impact of component failures. enabling end-to-end management of complete IT environments Via the Operations console, it is possible to centrally monitor, control and report on the health of all Data Protector cells within the overall IT environment.

Through defined user profiles, only the needed messages and alerts are displayed for a specific administrator. It enables performance alarms and historical Twitter data for data protection operations. enabling your help desk to meet your data protection service level objectives with increased staff efficiency Service Desk defines service-level targets and priorities for data protection services.

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