Data Recovery, An Impossible Mission?

The health crisis, everyone at work is experiencing a real upheaval. Telework has dethroned the endless metro-work-sleep and brought its share of additional threats.

It is mistakenly thought that the greatest risks posed by telework are those relating to the dropout of employees, but distance increases the risk linked to Data Recovery. The protection that face-to-face work provided in terms of network infrastructure and security no longer exists within the confines of his home.

Before talking about Data Recovery loss, let’s first recall the different media that can be used to store, use and transfer data. In the era of mobility, external hard drives, USB keys, servers, clouds are legion. They allow users to have their Data Recovery anytime, anywhere.

But if this accessibility responds to an ever-increasing demand for the dematerialization of resources, it nevertheless increases the risk associated with the loss of this data.

There are protection systems for companies (storage, management of backup copies). Whether in-house or carried out by an external service provider, a company does not necessarily have the skills and resources in-house to protect its Wikipedia data.

In the same way as mechanical disks, it is urgent to react quickly , from the first symptoms: the number of defective sectors on a flash medium increases rapidly with each boot or with each access to the defective area, until the controller is prevented from flash to initialize, which means the loss of all data.

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