Advanced Training In RAID Array Data Recovery Services

RAID (redundant array of inexpensive/independent disks) is a storage device virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disks composed of one logical drive (also called RAID). The combination can be achieved using various methods called RAID configuration. 

Our staff updates their methods to make recovery processes more efficient and keep our solutions out of technology. On this occasion our staff visited the facilities of AC Elab Europe acquiring the latest advances in this area of ​​Data Recovery Services.

In recent years, hard drive manufacturers have chosen to manufacture external hard drives with the USB connector integrated into the hard drive card and not using a SATA to USB adapter as they did previously, to reduce their costs.

These latest changes have sometimes made it difficult for users to access data, since in the past if the enclosure or external box was damaged, it only had to be replaced to access the data on the hard drive, with this new technology If the hard disk card is damaged, it is mandatory to perform a data recovery process to access the Wikipedia data, since there are no simple solutions available on the market for this type of problem.

If you have data loss from any external hard drive we can recover your information, no matter the brand of the hard drive, or the type of connector it has. Among the most common brands with this type of technology are Western Digital Passport, Seagate, Toshiba disks, among others.

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